Strength & Fitness

Good Enough is NOT Good Enough

Last weekend I had the eye opening experience of taking the CrossFit Level 2 certification course.  This course is filled with CrossFit Level 1 coaches and affiliate owners that want to improve their coaching ability and it is very hands on.  A majority of the weekend is spent in small groups teaching, seeing, and correcting each other.  Every single person there, many who have been coaching and doing CrossFit for five to ten years, received continuous feedback on how to move better.

I also came to the realization that good enough is not good enough.  Personally, as a coach and affiliate owner over the years I have become a little lazy and I allow athletes to get away with “good enough” movement and our coaches to get by with “good enough” coaching.  I didn’t start C1 Athletics & CrossFit St. Croix to be “good enough” so I have decided to raise the bar and hold everyone to higher standard. 


To accomplish this I have decided to go away from the class structure I have used since we opened our doors over four years ago.  Every day with the common “strength” followed by a WOD is gone.  You are going to see more variety in the structure of class with even more focus on technique and proper movement.  There will be days where we will only program metabolic conditioning, days with just one lift or a couple lifts and days where we will program both a WOD and a lift in a class. 


We are making this change so that we can provide you with the best coaching possible.   As our community continues to grow and more classes continue to fill up, we need to ensure that everyone is getting the coaching they deserve and moving to the best of their abilities.  This will allow our coaches more time to teach, see and correct during each class, instead of trying to make sure they fit all of the “work” in within the one hour class time.


Additionally, we don’t move as great as we think we do.  We are not elite CrossFit athletes.  Everyone can improve their technique and we all have movements we struggle with.  With the refocus on virtuosity, doing the common uncommonly well, everyone will move better, have fewer injuries and hit new PR’s because we are more efficient and precise with our movements.  The best athletes in CrossFit are the most efficient movers.  If you don’t have a perfect air squat, how do you expect to reach your full potential on a front squat or back squat? 


I am sure there are a few people that think they will get “weaker” if we don’t have a “strength” portion everyday, but you don’t need to worry.  Every time you move under load you are building strength.  So whether we program a three-rep max back squat, or an AMRAP with a medium weight squat cleans and pull-ups, you will get stronger.  Plus, since you don’t have a strength portion prior to the AMRAP you will be able to do more work and move more weight during the AMRAP.  Also, by spending more time focusing on your technique and getting more feedback you will be more efficient in your movements, which will lead to more PRs. 


It is more often that we fail in CrossFit because our form breaks down, not because of a lack of strength.  By reducing the amount stuff we try to fit into one hour and striving for perfect movement I truly believe your fitness will improve.  You will be faster, stronger, more confident and resilient.  Don’t settle, because good enough is not good enough and you deserve better!