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Our CrossFit-certified coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and down-to-earth. Their care and passion for people helps our members tackle whatever comes their way with heads held high.

Lucas Woodland

Owner, CF-L2 & USAW Coach

Lucas grew up on small family farm in Iowa where he learned the importance of hard work, dedication and a supportive family in reaching his goals. Through high school athletics, college and his time in the Air Force he realized that setting goals—along with the principles he learned growing up on a farm—were the keys to success in all aspects of life. He poured his experiences and beliefs into our culture at CrossFit St. Croix and is proud that we can offer such a supportive environment for our clients and coaches.

Tara Woodland

CF-L2 Coach

Tara was a competitive swimmer from the age of seven and continued throughout high school. Prior to CrossFit, her passion was running marathons; she has run seven marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice (and numerous half-marathons)! CrossFit came into her life when Lucas talked her into a free class. She has been hooked since. Tara owes CrossFit for helping her correct chronic running injuries that physical therapy couldn’t. As a former Family Nurse Practitioner, and now Beautycounter Consultant and CrossFit trainer, she loves being able to help others improve their health and fitness.

Brent Jamison

CF-L2, CSCS & USAW Coach

Brent is originally from North Carolina, graduating from East Carolina University with a B.S. as a Health Fitness Specialist. He found his love for strength and conditioning during his seven years on the football coaching staff at Rose High School. Prior to joining CrossFit St. Croix, Brent was the General Manager and Head Coach at CrossFit Tier 1. Brent is excited for the future, and looks forward to helping you reach every goal you've set out to achieve.

Joe Lancaster

CF-L1, CrossFit Mobility, Yoga Coach

Joe has been practicing yoga for almost a decade, earned his yoga teaching certificate through a 200-hour intensive teacher training in 2015 and has been teaching ever since. He also holds Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, and CrossFit Mobility Trainer certificates. Joe loves how yoga and CrossFit programming complement each other to provide a very complete fitness regimen.

Corey White

CF-L1 Coach

Corey was first introduced to CrossFit while deployed in Afghanistan with the Army. After he returned home, he and his wife joined a CrossFit gym where they met and became friends with Lucas and Tara. When Lucas made the decision to start CrossFit St. Croix, Corey knew that he wanted to be a part of it.

For Corey, CrossFit instilled an increasing level of confidence. Corey wants to help you increase your confidence and carry it over into all aspects of your life. His goal is to help you grow and become a better athlete; to be stronger then you were yesterday… and have fun while doing it!

Jimmy Angelo

CF-L1 Coach

Jimmy’s athletic career started off at a young age with a love for football, leading to competition at the collegiate level. As a former college athlete—and at the time an overweight individual—he entered the world of CrossFit. After several years of working hard with CrossFit, losing weight and increasing his fitness level, Jimmy decided he wanted to become a CrossFit coach. Jimmy enjoys being at CrossFit St. Croix where he can continue to improve his fitness level and, as a coach, help our athletes improve their technique and skill level.

Reid Northwick

CF-L1 Coach

Reid was a three sport athlete in high school who, as many experience, went to college and gradually became less active and overweight. He found CrossFit in 2012 as a form of fitness that actually worked and kept him coming back to the gym daily. After going through an amazing transformation with CrossFit, Reid decided he wanted to become a coach. 

For Reid, the best part of coaching is being part of the amazing physical and mental transformations made by our athletes.

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